Software Development Services

Rijware offers software development services to companies with a range of technical capabilities:


Technology companies that have an existing software development team, but require additional resources to meet a business objective on time.

Rijware understands that there are times when you need to be able to scale your software development effort. Experience tells you that just adding to your head count will not lead to success.  What you need is access to a team that can not only absorb the necessary requirements of your project quickly, but also offer you choices on solutions, and execute, without putting additional demands on your existing technical management team.

Rijware’s process is designed to meet this need →


Technology companies that have a product, but don’t have the appropriate software resources to bring all elements of it to market.

Rijware understands that software is required for many aspects of a technical product life-cycle.  Not all companies have a dedicated software development team that is equipped to supply all of its needs.

Our experience with products that combine hardware and software allows us to provide software development for areas such as:

  • prototypes
  • core product functionality
  • test tools
  • manufacturing processes
  • standards verification
  • user interfaces
  • installation and configuration tools
  • network management interfaces


Companies that may not be at all technical, have a product concept, and need software developed to either prototype or implement their product ideas.

Rijware understands that many companies have product concepts or specifications, but don’t have technology teams. Rijware’s experience allows us to offer software solutions to develop prototypes (for market testing, demonstration), or provide full-scale product development to take the idea to market.

Rijware’s process enables collaborative and iterative product development →

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