We architect and develop software, and build IoT systems

We develop software!

We’d like to help you by architecting, designing and/or producing the software that you need.

We have many years of experience in developing software across a variety of industries, in many programming languages, and using numerous frameworks.  This background has formed our current philosophy of how best to quickly create robust, flexible and scalable systems.  This philosophy drives our development process [details here], as well as the technology we think should be used in new large-scale systems.

Modern applications are taking advantage of an increasing volume and breadth of available data, extracting business value and making it accessible to users.

When building applications, we prefer to use open source technology wherever possible in our solutions because of the agility, choice and quality it provides.

Some favourites that we keep in our toolbox these days are:

  • Programming languages like Scala and Java
  • Reactive Frameworks like Play and Akka
  • UI helpers like HTML5, AngularJS and Bootstrap
  • NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Amazon DynamoDB along with SQL databases like MySQL
  • Public cloud deployments on Amazon Web Services and private deployments with CloudStack and OpenStack

For more information on how Rijware can help you develop software with or without an existing software team.

For more information on how Rijware can help you prototype or develop a production IoT system.