Because we don't believe there is a "one size fits all" process for every project, we tailor our approach to suit the type of problem you need solved.

Collaborative specification - Interactive prototyping and development - Online project activity dashboard

Five Step Development Process

Our adaptable process for each project draws from the same underlying principles, and includes these five fundamental activities.

  • Collaborative specification development and requirements gathering.
  • Rapid Prototyping, Demonstration and Feedback collection.
  • Project Plan and Schedule Development.
  • Active Software Development
    • Design/Code/Document
    • Review
    • Continuous Builds
    • Testing
  • Delivery

Modern Software Collaboration and Continuous Integration Tools


Our objective is to streamline the software development process to allow customer collaboration and ensure quality deliverables.

The use of industry leading Software Development and Collaboration Tools for project documentation, task and project tracking, source code analysis, code review, and testing help us to achieve this goal.

In addition, we complement these development tools with a Continuous Integration and Deployment process that provides the agility and robustness that we need to satisfy customer requirements.

Client-Accessible Web Portal

Some of the development tools are also used to provide a client-accessible web portal for each project to ensure effective collaboration, and transparency of activity, progress, and deliverables.


Additional information about Rijware’s processes can be obtained by viewing the videos on our Presentations page.