Management Team


Richard Woodend – Co-founder

Richard has over thirty years of experience in software development across a broad spectrum of applications and industries. He has been involved in the evolution of solutions and applications designed for a range of platforms from mainframes to personal computers-to developing mobile apps for smart devices and cloud networking.

From coding to managing large development teams on projects for pure software, software-hardware, and leading-edge commercial product developments, Richard has developed a robust and efficient development model and effective management approach.

From his work at Corel (CorelDraw! and the Corel Optical division), and most recently with developing both Search and Rescue and Aviation products at EMS/Honeywell, Richard understands how to manage the sometimes precarious balance between business and user needs to ensure a successful outcome to any size or scope of a development project.

Richard co-founded Rijware because of his passion for working with talented and creative developers to make reliable and robust software products that solve business and real world problems. His vision for Rijware is to provide companies with a unique software development solution that is affordable and effective – that leverages the talent and extensive experience of the Rijware team for full-scale to module developments.


Jason Bass – Co-founder

Almost twenty years of software development experience has taught Jason the value and importance of really understanding user and business needs and objectives for any development project. He knows that being a brilliant programmer isn’t enough to ensure success. He understands that a development project needs to be “managed” and have clear objectives and requirements to keep on track and on budget. He knows how to manage the development process and the coding talent to ensure the delivered application is effective, robust, and customer-ready.

Jason started his career by learning to develop enterprise applications with Systemhouse and Jetform (now Adobe). His most recent role at EMS/Honeywell allowed him to further broaden his skills to produce complex mission-critical applications that are in use globally to save lives.

Jason co-founded Rijware to enable him to apply his technical expertise and creativity along with his integrity-based management style on a range of product developments.