IoT Development Services

All IoT applications are different, and our experience is in architecting solutions for specific problems.  Every system we design and build follows these principles:

  • It must be Reactive (Event Driven, Scalable, Resilient and Responsive)
  • It must be secure
  • It must deliver actionable results

We use a combination of the best open source and commercially available technologies to build systems by

  • Integrating sensors or control units to your system of things
  • Connecting and managing sensors within a network
  • Implementing Cloud/server data storage
  • Building engines to analyze data and extract pertinent information
  • Developing applications that automatically react to events and deliver actionable information

We have capabilities across the diverse set of technologies that are needed to build an Internet of Things (IoT) solution.  A complete IoT system requires development and integration of machines, networks and software applications in order to deliver business value.  Since before the IoT was given a name, we have been developing solutions that collect data from networked machines, bringing it together into software applications to solve real operational business problems.


If you know that there is valuable information contained within the various parts of your operation that can improve your business efficiency and effectiveness, but don’t know how to extract it, we can work with you to build a proof of concept or prototype that will lead to a blueprint for a complete integrated solution.

Integrated Solution

Perhaps you already have a clear picture of the data points that drive your business objectives, and need to integrate that data into your enterprise.  In that case, we can design and implement a fully integrated IoT solution to meet your goals.


If you have a legacy IoT infrastructure that needs to be modernized, we can help you to upgrade and take advantage of more powerful and lower cost technology advances.  We can also take your existing M2M solution from simple data collection to a true IoT solution that integrates into your business, generating actions from your data.


Years of experience developing software has made us familiar with a broad range of protocols including those closely associated today with IoT applications, like MQTT, CoAP, XBee, and Iridium SBD.