At Rijware we have broad experience across multiple industries.

We at Rijware have the background and experience to bring subject matter expertise along with technological and software development skills in a wide range of industries.

The following list, while not exhaustive, highlights some of these.


Internet of Things

An Internet of Things (IoT) system requires development and integration of machines, networks and software applications in order to deliver business value.

We have experience across the diverse set of technologies that are needed to prototype or build a production IoT solution capable of solving real operational business problems.

A number of our blog articles describe specific elements of our experiences in providing IoT solutions .


Asset and Incident Management

We have years of experience designing and implementing systems that are intended to be run 24/7 in mission critical applications. We’ve also participated in the definition of some of the international standards that define them.

We’ve architected solutions that gather data from distributed sources and fuse the information centrally to present to command and control centers where the information can be acted on in a timely manner.



Our past experience in developing airborne system software, including under DO-178B, has given us unique insights into how best to design and implement high-level applications that can leverage system wide information for business purposes.



Most modern product lines have a mobile component, to gather information, to present it, or both.

We can help to develop your mobile presence by:

  • Developing connected applications that can communicate with services in the cloud.
  • Developing full featured applications for all major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry;

One of our blog articles describes our experience in connecting Android devices to an IoT system.


Hardware Device Management

Our past experience in developing application software, as well as system software, that interfaces directly with hardware components makes us uniquely qualified to develop the software required to complement modern hardware products and integrate them into internet connected environments.

These components include:

  • Companion web and mobile application development,
  • Companion IoT system development,
  • GUI Interfaces for configuration, status and control,
  • Test software,
  • Production/manufacturing support software