Front End Developer

Front End Developer

We are currently looking for front end developers at our Ottawa location.

About You

We’re looking for a developer who is self-motivated, resourceful, and enjoys the accountability that is expected from members of a small software team. The ideal candidate:

  • will know exactly what it takes to ship high quality software on-time
  • will recognize when a workaround is more appropriate than an elegant solution
  • will learn whatever is necessary to get the job done
  • will communicate ideas with clarity and precision
  • will write clean, elegant, simple, testable code
  • will commit often, perfect later, publish once
  • will take pride in their work
  • will want to work with others who do the same

Qualifications (the more the better)

  • A degree in Computer Science OR equivalent experience
  • At least 1 year experience deploying successful, high quality applications
  • Experience with web development using HTML5 , CSS3 and AngularJS
  • Experience with Typescript/Javascript
  • Experience with consuming REST APIs and service-based architectures
  • Experience working in a fast paced, small-team environment
  • Experience with automated testing
  • Experience developing for automated continuous integration environments

If you would like to be considered please submit your resume to us at or use the form below.