About Us

Who are we?

Rijware Inc. is a small Ottawa-based software development firm dedicated to providing clients with software solutions that satisfy their technical and business needs.

The principals have over 40 years of combined experience developing a range of software applications from mass consumer market to enterprise, and have managed teams from three to thirty-three software developers in size. These teams have produced pure software solutions as well as combined hardware/software projects.

Having years of experience both in developing in-house software products, as well as having used outsourced software resources ourselves in the past, we’ve created at Rijware a company that does development the right way.

Our Model

To ensure a successful outsourced experience, Rijware works with clients using the following model for collaboration and process management.

We provide accessible and transparent collaboration

We support face-to-face meetings and make ourselves accessible.  For every project, we also set up a client-accessible web portal, so that you can directly monitor our activity in real time for transparent and effective collaboration.

We provide painless specification development

Clients hire us to save time.  Our industry experience and agile methodology enables us to ramp up your project quickly to solve your problem efficiently with the feature set that you need—saving you long hours of wasted time and effort developing detailed specifications!

We ensure maintainability of deliverables

Solutions are designed and architected for growth, reuse, and maintainability.  As part of our service, we provide all the information and data you need to maintain and augment the software independently in the future.

We provide expert technical team management

Our experienced senior management team is directly involved in each project—we understand from our extensive experience that development projects need focused, hands-on management and oversight to ensure success.